CARB will regulate tire pressure starting in July 2010

Sebastian Blanco
·1 min read

Last week, the California Air Resources Board - fresh from not banning black cars - adopted a regulation to force the 40,000 businesses in "California's automotive maintenance industry to check the tire pressure of every vehicle they service." This means that, starting in July of 2010, when you bring your car in for service in California, the shop will have to make sure that your tires filled to the manufacturer's recommended air pressure level. CARB estimates that this will save the average Californian about $12 a year.

This move doesn't please everyone. The Tire Industry Association (TIA) calls CARB's decision "overreaching and burdensome." CARB didn't even reach out to the TIA before announcing the decision. TIA's director of government and business relations, Paul Fiore, said that "Trial lawyers are always looking for pieces of paper to use... it's a gift to the trial lawyers."

[Source: CARB via Green Car Congress, Modern Tire Dealer]
Photo by squidish. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.