Cardboard 'baby boxes' handed out free to help save infant lives in Regina

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Cardboard 'baby boxes' handed out free to help save infant lives in Regina

A starter kit for parents of newborns that has been credited with reducing the infant mortality rate in Finland, where the program originated, has been launched in Regina.

The Baby Box Company provides new and expectant mothers with a box that doubles as a bassinet.

It comes stuffed with baby products and educational brochures linking to local parenting resources.

Canadian program director Theresa Moore said the units, coupled with basic training, can help reduce deaths from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).  

"What sets us apart from any other company is that everything that we do is built on an educational platform," Moore explained.

"We don't believe that the boxes are … you know, magical. We believe it's the education that's behind it that's transformative."

Simple but safe

The boxes are made of cardboard and lined with a mattress, a waterproof cover and fitted sheets, in accordance with safe sleep guidelines. 

Rebecca Klapwyk, who is preparing to have her second baby, thinks the box will help both her and her baby sleep better.

"Most babies don't like sleeping too far away from you," said Klapwyk. 

"So you can have the box nice and close, and it's a nice backup too you know, in case the crib doesn't work out."

Some 300 of the baby boxes were spoken for within 48 hours in Regina.

They were given away for free to new and expectant moms.