Cardinal Energy Library Donation Funds Return Of School Membership Program

The Friends of The Library (the fundraising body for the Swan Hills Municipal Library) received an extremely generous donation from Cardinal Energy in mid-December.

The majority of these funds will be used to revive a program which provides library memberships to the students and staff at Swan Hills School. The school-wide membership program had ended in 2019 due to a lack of funding. With the COVID-19 pandemic beginning in early 2020 and the accompanying public health restrictions limiting or preventing the public’s usage of the library, further funding for the program had not been pursued.

Library Manager April Wharton explained that with the last of the pandemic-related public health restrictions in Alberta coming to an end earlier in 2022 and Cardinal Energy’s timely donation, 2023 seemed like a good year to start up the school-wide membership program again. “I’m excited that we have kids coming into the library,” said Wharton, “and they’ll be able to take out books again.”

Neale Rushoway, House Mountain Area Foreman for Cardinal Energy, said, “Cardinal Energy is proud to support the Swan Hills Library, the Swan Hills School, and the great Town of Swan Hills.”

Each student from preschool through grade 12 will receive a free individual library membership through the school-wide membership program, as will school staff members. Library membership forms and an accompanying letter explaining the program will be sent home with students within the next few weeks to be filled out by parents or guardians.

Dean LaBerge, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grizzly Gazette