Cardinals' DeAndre Hopkins makes a statement with shirt featuring famous Malcolm X quote

Liz Roscher
·1 min read

Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has seemed right at home in his first season with the Arizona Cardinals. He’s looked great on the field, and he’s making a strong statement off the field, too.

Hopkins arrived for Sunday’s Week 3 matchup between the Cardinals and the Detroit Lions wearing an impressive 1970s-inspired outfit. On the bottom he was sporting a pair of incredible powder blue bell bottoms, complete with big flappy pockets and a matching belt. But his shirt is really where his fashion made a statement.

Hopkins was sporting a black shirt with one of Malcolm X’s most iconic and well-known quotes about the Black experience in America.

“We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock; Plymouth Rock landed on us.”

Malcolm X said that on March 29, 1964, and it appears to have inspired Hopkins on Sunday to use his fashion to make a statement about the Black experience in America over 50 years later.

It comes a few days after a grand jury decided not to charge anyone directly with the killing of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, which prompted reaction from all over the sports world.

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