Carissa Moore | Tokyo 2020 Olympic Profile

Team USA surfer Carissa Moore explains her path to Tokyo 2020, and how wavepools have helped her to train for the conditions she expects to face in Japan.

Video Transcript


CARISSA MOORE: I'm Carissa Kainani Moore. I'm 28 years old from Honolulu, Hawaii. And I qualified for the US Team in the last event of our 2019 season. Up until that point, I hadn't really let myself even think about qualifying because it was so close, and I didn't want to get my expectations up. But it was just a huge weight lifted, and it was nice to finally imagine myself going there, going to Tokyo.

I think that the entire field is gonna be a force to be reckoned with, especially in conditions that are predicted. I think smaller waves are a little bit more random at times, and so it will really like even out the playing field. I don't think I could tell you, oh, there's this one person.

Wave pools, they're amazing. They're an amazing tool for training. And just to have the same canvas over and over again to practice certain maneuvers, that repetition is great. Because in the ocean, you know, you don't know how many different kinds of ramps you'll get in one session and how many waves you'll actually end up catching.

So it's nice to know, OK, I'm guaranteed this many waves and this many sections to practice this maneuver. So I think just that in itself will help to translate stuff back into the ocean and hopefully at the Olympic venue.