Can do: Snubbed by LCBO, Carleton Place brewer drafts new label

Can do: Snubbed by LCBO, Carleton Place brewer drafts new label

With a new label and a new name for their most popular beer, an Ottawa-area brewery is hoping their product can finally flow onto LCBO store shelves.

Carleton Place's Stalwart Brewing Company originally planned to sell its Dr. Feelgood India Pale Ale at LCBO stores in November, but that name and the design of the can was turned down. 

At the time, the LCBO said they regretted breaking the news so late, but regulations prevent any labelling that suggests health benefits from alcohol. 

The can included a Rod of Asclepius, the ancient Greek symbol associated today with medicine and healthcare.

Stalwart co-owner Adam Newlands said Tuesday the beer going to the LCBO will now be called Snake Oil IPA.

He hopes it could be on the LCBO's shelves next month. 

"There were moments of frustration, but we're basically just really focused on getting the beer to the people that want to drink and are a little further afield from Carleton Place," he said.  

Newlands said they sold the beer with the labels the LCBO rejected at their brewery and to restaurants.

They're going to keep selling the beer under two names, at least at first, with the Snake Oil IPA going to the LCBO.  

He said he doesn't know what the ordeal cost and it would be hard to predict, because he can only guess how well the beer would have sold at the LCBO.

"We were just trying to put a smile on the situation and get back on the shelves," he said.

"It was just a bump in the road, is the way we're seeing it."

He said they're excited for the potential to have the business grow now that it's in stores.

He said the Snake Oil name is a wink at the old logo that took a little bit of time to come up with.

"When you're looking at rebranding your flagship product you definitely want to take the time and think about it and bat around ideas."