Carleton takes another crack at bus-only entrance

Carleton University isn't giving up on the idea of a new bus-only entrance to its campus.

There are currently three entrances for vehicles, two on Bronson Avenue, including one that opened late last month, and a third on Colonel By. 

All buses that serve Carleton use a single access point at the intersection of Bronson and University Drive, near the north end of campus.

The O-Train's Line 2 also runs through campus, but it's shutting down for more than two years as of May 2020 as part of the Stage 2 expansion.

It will mean extra buses will be sent to Carleton to help transport students, for a total of as many as 792 buses through campus on a daily basis — more than double the current 385.

Extending Raven Road

An environmental assessment study for a second, bus-only entrance connecting the school to Bronson is going to the City of Ottawa's transportation committee Wednesday. 

The construction would extend Raven Road on the south end of campus to the main thoroughfare, allowing buses to exit the busy campus up to six minutes sooner, the study says.

Trevor Pritchard/CBC

In total, the project would cost $4.9 million and barring delays, construction would start in the spring.

Details about the construction were part of a package received and approved by city council earlier this year.

In April, the National Capital Commission turned down a bid by Carleton to build a second Colonel By Drive entrance because the federal agency didn't want more traffic on the scenic route.