Carlow Mayo adopts bylaw to amend Community Risk Assessment

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Carlow Mayo Township council updated its Community Risk Assessment by passing bylaw 21-2022 at its Sept. 13 meeting. Community Fire Safety Officer and Community Emergency Management Coordinator Dwayne Meharrie comments on this change and the passage of the bylaw to update the township’s Community Risk Assessment.

At their Sept. 13 meeting, Carlow Mayo council heard from Meharrie, who provided them with a report on the change to the Community Risk Assessment that necessitated updating the bylaw.

All municipalities, including Carlow Mayo, are required to complete a Community Risk Assessment under Ontario Regulation 378/18, made under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997, and use its Community Risk Assessment to inform decisions about provisions of fire protection services. Carlow Mayo adopted its Community Risk Assessment last year.

According to the regulation, a community risk assessment is a process of identifying, analyzing, evaluating and prioritizing risks to public safety to inform decisions about the provision of fire protection services. It must be reviewed every year and completed every five years. The assessment must be in the form, if any, that the OFM provides or approves and must include consideration of the following mandatory profiles as they relate to fire protection services; geographic profile, building stock profile, critical infrastructure profile, demographic profile, hazard profile, public safety response profile, community services profile, economic profile and past loss and event history profile. More details can be found in the legislation online at

Meharrie explained that this year, the Office of the Fire Marshal made some changes to the profile worksheets used in creating the municipalities’ Risk Assessments.

“These changes included identifying buildings constructed of lightweight construction located within the municipality,” he said in his report.

Meharrie also said that he had updated the township’s Community Risk Assessment to reflect these changes and had added the new technical guideline and communique attachments issued by the Office of the Fire Marshal.

With no queries or discussion by council on the bylaw to update the Community Risk Assessment, council passed bylaw 21-2022 and moved on to other business.

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times