Carlow Mayo council discusses 2021 budget

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Carlow Mayo Township council had a special budget meeting on April 27 to have a final discussion on their 2021 budget and vote to adopt the budget with bylaw 13-2021. Deputy Clerk and Treasurer Jenny Snider said that $1,359,423 needed to be levied through property taxes, so the township can expect a two per cent tax increase for 2021.

For expenditures in 2021, under council expenses the amount spent came to $40,720.28, under administration it came to $690,565.09, under bylaws it came to $4,260, under policing it came to $180,500, under donations it came to $5,500, under building it came to $51,530, under fire it came to $27,600, under modernization expense it came to $92,000, under 911 supplies it came to $500, under MNR Fire Suppression Agreement it came to $28,050, under roads it came to $1,080,274.64, under waste disposal it came to $215,765, under recreation it came to $56,311.84 and under library it came to $18,602.84.

For revenues, there was $446,700 from the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund, $50,000 from the OCIF provincial grant, $98,728.69 from the COVID-19 stream ICIP funding, $2,500 from aggregate royalty payments, $24,000 from COVID-19 funding, $34,792 from Asset Management funding, $8,000 from miscellaneous income, $3,000 from cell phone repayment, $1,000 from other Roads revenue, $8,000 from Roads winter maintenance agreements, $2,000 from other revenue-waste disposal, $20,000 from other revenue-recycling, $1,000 from other revenue-planning, $800 for zoning certificates, $800 for tax certificates, $500 for entrance permits/911 signage, $15,000 for building permits, $3,000 for septic inspection permits, $7,000 for investment income, $14,000 for penalty and interest, $5,000 for grants in lieu, $80,086 for gas tax revenues, $92,000 for Modernization Funding transfer and $246,050 from a contribution from the reserves.

Township council laid out some recommendations and amendments to the draft budget over the past few weeks, and they were as follows; the resurfacing with a double layer of surface treatment to four kilometres on New Carlow Road for $137,616, two kilometres on A. Guy Wilson Road for $77,409, two kilometres on Havergal Road for $68,808. A single surface treatment was also recommended for one kilometre of Fort Stewart Road for $21,660. The township will be using $246,050 out of reserve accounts to go towards these roads projects.

The budget also had provisions for the hiring of a part time community fire safety officer and CEMC. They will also be splitting the costs of a full-time chief building official with the Township of Wollaston. Due to COVID-19 and its restrictions, they’ll be creating two new offices and upgrading the HVAC in the municipal office. Funding was also set aside for asset management software, the hiring of a new deputy clerk/treasurer and the hiring of a new Roads supervisor or public works manager.

Bylaw 13-2021 established the revenue and expenditure estimates for the township and provided for the adoption of the levy and tax rates for 2021, and further provided for penalty and interest in default of payments for 2021.

From the budget estimates, expenditures were determined by council to be $2,523,379.69, while revenues other than property taxation were pegged at $1,163,956.69. Revenues from property taxation were $1,359,423. The following sums were levied for 2021; $1,359,423 for general municipal purposes, $444,667.21 for county purposes and $238,249.32 for education purposes, for a grand total of $2,042,339.53. The final tax bills are due in two installments on Aug. 31 and on Oct. 31, with a penalty of 1.25 per cent for any late payments added on the first day after default and monthly thereafter.

Snider asked if there were any questions before bylaw 13-2021 was passed. The only question was from Councillor Dan Hughey, who asked what the reason was for $6,000 being allocated to roadside grass cutting as it had been done in- house over the past couple of years. Snider answered that road superintendent Charles Mackey had asked that it be put back into the budget and wanted it contracted out as the roads department did not have time to do it. According to Snider, the quotes for this work were received and approved by council at the April 13 meeting. Council then approved bylaw 13-2021 and moved on to other business.

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times