Carlow Mayo council receivesMeharrie’s CFSO and CEMC reports

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At their Nov. 9 meeting, Carlow Mayo Township council heard from Dwayne Meharrie, the Community Fire Safety Officer and the Community Emergency Management Coordinator, who gave them his report on these two areas of interest to the township. After hearing the details of both the CFSO and CEMC reports, they were accepted by a vote of council.

Meharrie gave his CFSO and CEMC report to council at the meeting on Nov. 9. For the CFSO report, according to Meharrie, there was a response on Oct. 14 to some smoke observed on McPherson Road, which turned out to be a contractor burning brush. Said contractor was issued a warning by the township as there was a daytime burning ban in effect at this time.

The Fire Protection Services Review recommendations issued by the Ontario Fire Marshal are being implemented by the township, and to date, just under half the recommendations have been completed. Meharrie reports that work has started on getting all the data together for the year end reporting to the Ontario Fire Marshal.

The aforementioned daytime burning ban was terminated as of Nov. 1 and residents can now burn during the day if the provisions set out in the open-air burn bylaw are followed.

No new files have been opened with regard to fire code enforcement, and compliance has been achieved on all outstanding fire code enforcement files, according to Meharrie.

Next, Meharrie gave his CEMC report, telling council that the Emergency Control Group had completed the annual exercise compliance component under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. Work continues to finish the annual emergency management compliance report that is to be submitted by Dec. 31.

“The CAO/clerk-treasurer and I virtually attended the Loyalist Sector Fall Emergency Management meeting, followed by the Fall Loyalist Sector CEMC meeting,” he says.

Meharrie told The Bancroft Times that both meetings were informative, but that he couldn’t speak to a lot from the meetings.

“A review of the municipal requirements for annual compliance were reviewed, as our year end compliance report must be submitted by Dec. 31,” he says.

Meharrie told council that he attended the North Hastings Community Safety and Well Being meeting held Oct. 28 in Faraday Township.

“The CSWB plan committee met and some information and clerical changes were suggested. Unfortunately, the changes are not likely to be presented at the December meeting, however I am hopeful they will be ready to present at the January meeting,” he says.

Meharrie participated in a webinar on Oct. 7 to learn what the municipal requirements are in meeting their Annual Disability Act compliance for 2021.

“Work will be commencing later this month on the annual compliance report that must be done by Dec. 31,” he says.

Lastly, Meharrie informed council that health and safety training was held for all staff on Oct. 20, and that the training was conducted on the safe operation of fire extinguishers, and the township’s new confidentiality agreement was discussed, which was adopted at the October council meeting.

“The annual fire extinguisher inspections were completed on Oct. 26 in all municipally owned buildings and equipment,” he says. “Health and safety inspections are conducted monthly on all buildings and facilities owned by the township.”

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times

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