How will Carmelo Anthony be remembered? | Ball Don’t Lie

Yahoo Sports NBA writer Vince Goodwill is joined by NBA on TNT Reporter Jared Greenberg on the “Ball Don’t Lie” podcast to discuss Carmelo Anthony’s retirement announcement, and debate how the 10-time All-Star will be remembered in the history of basketball.

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Video Transcript


VINCENT GOODWILL: Carmelo Anthony released a video announcing his retirement. He hadn't played at all this year. Last season he played was with the Lakers. You're talking about 10 all-star games. He's 11th all-time in points scored, 28,289 points behind Shaq. But how will we remember Carmelo Anthony, aside from the guy who didn't get a ring?

JARED GREENBERG: Not-- not to relitigate the history of Carmelo Anthony, but I think the biggest mistake that he made was forcing the Nuggets' hand into trading him mid-season and-- and simply just not waiting till free agency to go to needle. He forced the Knicks--

VINCENT GOODWILL: To give up a lot.

JARED GREENBERG: They gave up 3/4 of their roster, including any core future they had to build around Carmelo. Whatever. I'll say about Carmelo. I think he is the most underappreciated superstar of his generation.


JARED GREENBERG: His ability to score from the different levels which he could score at was fascinating. It was unguardable. He is one of the great scorers of all time. You want to talk about his defense? You want to talk about his lack of assists? You want to talk about him hogging the basketball? Fine. Those are all flaws in his game, no question.

But the two things that stand out to me about Carmelo, one, his ability to score anytime, anywhere against any one. The other is you talk about that New York pressure and how he not only stood up to it, but embraced it.


JARED GREENBERG: Carmelo never, ever ducked an interview in New York. He was the king of New York for a period of time, who many people feel like he failed them. Yes, he didn't win a championship. Yes, he didn't go far enough in the playoffs. Yes, he had some issues in that locker room with some teammates. And I'm not discounting any of that.

But I'm saying from a purely basketball standpoint and a dude who didn't have too much of an ego to stand up there and say, it's on me. It's my bad, and would always talking to a microphone and a camera, I thought he was an incredibly great ambassador for this game.