Carrie Underwood's big mystery: What's that Instagram post all about?

Wendy Geller
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

This time, though, it seems it’s for a more positive reason. The Instagram shot she shared Sunday night — which mysteriously is just of her eye, covered in glittery makeup resembling tears — is captioned in a manner that suggests she’s got something new coming our way on Wednesday.

The news already broke early Monday that the singer would be making her first performance since her accident at the Academy of Country Music Awards on April 15. So, the Insta picture most likely hints about a new single.

Underwood also posted a photo to social media last week showing herself in the studio, so it’s also possible she might be ready to announce a new album in the works.

Fans, of course, are impatient to hear the news. We only have to wait two days, but, oh, we are about to cry tears, from wondering!

There were even some practical queries to Underwood regarding her enticingly vague post:

Underwood’s last album was 2015’s platinum-selling Storyteller.

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