Carrot River sticking with some cleaning protocols

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Carrot River will move forward with a middle ground to cleaning protocols, said Brennan Hall, the town’s administrator, continuing to use the equipment and cleaning techniques from the pandemic, but less often.

This comes with the province lifting the public health order restrictions on July 11, including cleaning protocols, masks being required in all indoor public spaces, and limits on events and gathering sizes.

“We’re not going to be cleaning as often, but they’re going to be using this equipment we found and purchased throughout the pandemic,” Hall said.

“We aren’t going to be disinfecting between every group and every session but we’re going to use that stuff that we were taught and used.”

One piece of equipment the town has purchased is a sprayer that when loaded with cleaning chemicals can quickly sanitize an area.

“It’s a lot easier. For our rink manager to walk into the dressing room with one of those things and just sprays down it’s a lot easier than him wiping everything down.”

The Community Hall is open for bookings and the skating rink is expected to have ice in early-September for a full hockey season.

Hall said hand sanitizer will continue to remain available for use at town facilities with no plans to remove it in the foreseeable future.

The province is advising that unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people should still consider masking after July 11.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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