Carson Morin tells court he 'felt uncomfortable' around man he fatally stabbed

Trial of nephew's killer gave Ottawa lawyer victim's view of justice system

Carson Morin said Wednesday he felt "uncomfortable" during an earlier encounter with Michael Wassill, the man he fatally stabbed, and Wassill's friends.

"I don't think they liked me," he told an Ottawa court.

Morin, 24, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder for the 2013 stabbing death of 20-year-old Michael Wassill.

The Crown has argued that Wassill was killed inside the foyer of his Orléans home on Fernleaf Drive while trying to protect a woman who was Morin's former girlfriend.

Morin's defence lawyer, Natasha Calvinho, told the jury her client did kill Wassill, but said he did so out of self-defence.

Calvinho told the court Morin stabbed Wassill in a moment of panic and later felt shame and remorse.

In his second day of testimony, Morin told the court about his relationship with Wassill and his former girlfriend, who cannot be named due to a publication ban.

The woman introduced Morin to Wassill in April of 2013, he said, adding that he liked Wassill at first and "thought he was smart."

That same month, the woman moved in with Morin and entered into a sexual and business arrangement with him. 

He helped her sell marijuana and drove her to and from her job at a strip club, Morin told the court.

Earlier in the trial, the woman testified Morin was stealing her money and she was becoming increasingly frightened of him.

'Them not liking me was weird'

When asked for his impression of Wassill and the woman's relationship, Morin said he thought Wassill had a crush on her.

"But I could see she had a crush on me," Morin said, adding he thought Wassill was jealous of him.

Morin told the court he went to Wassill's house near the end of April to drop off some marijuana and Wassill was there with some friends.

"I felt uncomfortable and alienated. I don't think they liked me," Morin testified.

"Normally I'm a social person so them not liking me was weird."

Never denied woman access to safe

Morin also contradicted the woman's claims that it was his idea to recruit more women to strip and then take 50 per cent of their earnings. 

The woman had previously testified that Morin used her money to buy a stripping pole for their condo.

Morin told the court he never denied the woman access to the safe where he kept the money. He also said the stripping pole had been her idea.

She was "super excited and she loved it," Morin said. "She was like a kid when you go to a Toys R Us store."

The accused is the only witness the defence intends to call.