Carter Beattie beginning collegiate volleyball career at ACC

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When Kipling’s Carter Beattie grew to six-feet three inches tall he thought he might have a chance to extend playing the sport he loves past high school.

Beattie is currently in his first year at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon and playing on the volleyball team after being recruited by head coach Joel Small.

Growing up, Beattie got involved in volleyball with his dad’s influence and when he hit a growth spurt the game started to come more naturally to him.

“My dad grew up playing volleyball,” said Beattie. “So he was a big part of getting me into it. I started playing on the junior team in grade eight. Getting into high school I didn’t start growing until around grade 11.

“Once I started growing I noticed everything was starting to come together for me on the court and it started to get more competitive for me.”

In his final year of high school volleyball, Beattie said everything went well and it was a smooth transition into taking the next step to play at the collegiate level.

“Recruitment was good” he said. “It got a little more awkward because of the coronavirus, but it was good. I talked to the coach a bit beforehand, went to the tryout and everything went well and I made the team.”

Beattie was able to finish his high school season before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, but it did impact his recruitment timeline.

“We played from September to November,” he said. “We finished the season just before everything started to happen. I was supposed to be recruited into May and then we had to push it off into the summer and we ended up waiting until school started before they gave us the tryout date. So it was held off for a pretty long time.”

Even with Covid-19 changing the volleyball schedule and limitations to how the team can practice, Beattie is just happy to be with the team back on the court.

“It hasn’t been too bad,” he said. “Practices have been a bit weird because in Manitoba we’re limited to 10 guys on the court so we can’t really play full on six on six. Games have been delayed until November, but at least we’re on the court right now.”

Just a few weeks into his first year of post-secondary school, it’s a little different than what majority of people experience with the effect of the pandemic.

“I moved here just over a month ago,” he said. “It’s been good since I got here. Got lots of help from the family moving. Our college is running about half and half with online and in class. It’s not what I expected for my first year, but they’ve run it really well and put together a good plan.”

Beattie has a full schedule between school and volleyball, but he’s excited with the start of the volleyball season just around the corner.

“We practice three days a week right now and next week we’re starting our training program three days a week,” he said. “If everything stays like this or gets better with the virus then the first games should start the first week of November.”

Rob Paul, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The World-Spectator