Cascade of cuteness as mother counts her nine fluffy puppies

Stella is a very devoted mother. She is a one year old Bernese Mountain Dog who enjoyed a romantic afternoon with Dexter, a one year old Maremma just prior to their trip to the veterinarian for their family planning surgeries. The result was an unexpected, but very welcome litter of nine adorable fluffy little puppies.

The pups spend their day playing and romping on a farm near Peterborough, Ontario. In the daytime, they run through the meadow and explore in the woods. They climb on each other and fall over continuously. When it's feeding time or nap time, they are put in their outdoor enclosure to keep track of them all. Stella keeps a watchful eye until they awaken and then she is eager to have them come out for more playtime.

The kennel door is opened and they begin climbing out like a cascade of cuteness. They look like a river of puppies overflowing from the pen. Stella looks at each one with a nod, as if she is actually counting them all before running off after them. Still a pup herself, Stella enjoys playtime as much as they do. Even Dexter can't resist the fun. He rolls and cavorts with them too, every bit the protective and involved father.

These pups are 8 weeks old and they are clumsy, round balls of fur with the cutest faces possible. They are as soft and fluffy as they look. Each one had a forever home lined up before they were even born. The parents have wonderful dispositions and the combination of the two breeds made them the perfect family dogs. But two of them will be staying at the farm, along with their parents.

As for Stella and Dexter, they have now had their appointments and neither one will responsible for any more surprises.