Case closed: Emergency on ice near Kelligrews treated as false alarm

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Case closed: Emergency on ice near Kelligrews treated as false alarm

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary says nothing more can be done about a reports that a person had disappeared from pack ice near Kelligrews Tuesday and the case is closed.

"The search turned up negative so we're hopeful it was a false alarm," RNC media relations officer Geoff Higdon said Wednesday. 

The big thing, Higdon said, is no one is reported missing.

"We have no information to proceed any further in this case." 

Emergency responders rushed to the area when police got a call that a person was spotted out on the ice pans and then disappeared from view.

Caller did the right thing

Members of the Rovers Search and Rescue, the RNC, a coast guard vessel and a military rescue helicopter from Gander joined in the search.

"Rescuers did as a good a job as anyone could in trying to locate anyone out there," said Higdon.

"Beyond what was done yesterday, what else could be done? Nothing else could be done."

Higdon says the caller on Tuesday did the right thing by alerting authorities.

"If you think someone is in danger, call," said the officer.

Dangerous play

Higdon said police are getting complains of individuals on the ice but there's nothing they can do other than educate and warn folks.

"It puts your life and our lives in danger," said Higdon. 

"We're not able to just run across the ice pans ourselves because that could put us in danger." 

​"You hear people say they played on ice pans for years and years, but history has taught us unfortunately, that people have lost their lives in these situations," he said.

"They look spectacular, they make for great photos, but they're something you can appreciate from the shore."