Cat desperately tries to befriend rescued goat

Lucy, a very friendly cat is trying her best to welcome Judi, a new arrival at the Black Dog Farm and Rescue. Lucy is part of a litter of three kittens that arrived at this sanctuary in Texas when they were just three days old. Unwanted and uncared for, Lucy and her litter mates were abandoned and left to die. Without their mother, or human intervention, they would not have made it through the night. Jennifer and Jim took them in at the Black Dog Farm and Rescue, knowing that they would need frequent bottle feedings around the clock. This is what they do at Black Dog and Jennifer and Jim are no strangers to the night shifts. Lucy has thrived here and she is often referred to as "Parkour Kitty" for her habit of climbing anything from ledges and railings to Christmas trees. Lucy also considers herself the ambassador of Black Dog Farm and she tries to befriend and welcome all creatures. She will cuddle with anything warm, even a got like Judi. Judi is new here and she has some very big challenges. She suffers from neurological damage and she needs a lot of physiotherapy and extra help. Even walking is difficult without assistance, but her legs are getting stronger with exercise and massage. Judi is an indoor goat so she wears a diaper to help with her hygiene. As she settled in at her new home, Lucy decided she would try to engage in a friendly game or two. She began patting Judi wherever she could reach. Judi is a little suspicious of the attention at this point so her response to this is a headbutt. It only took Judi a few days to get used to cuddling with cats as we can see. Very soon after Lucy's welcome, Judi was sharing a couch on the front porch with Hemingway, a 23 pound cuddly cat who has found a forever home at this beautiful animal paradise. Black Dog Farm and Rescue accepts some of the neediest and most desperate animals. Many are permanently adopted, and some move on. But every single animal that comes into their care will be provided a carefully selected forever home, or they simply never leave. The farm is a wonderful place with acres for the animals to run and play. They are provided with vet care and excellent nutrition. Socialization and mental stimulation are important here as well, and the animals thrive and respond well to the kindness and love that they find here. Please look them up on Facebook and follow the heart warming stories or see what you can do to help them accomplish the magic that they make happen for these deserving souls.

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