Caution Urged Near Waterways Amidst Rising Spring Risks

Conservation Halton has issued a vital spring safety advisory, urging residents to exercise caution near waterways as warmer temperatures approach. With the onset of spring, the convergence of rain, melting snow, and shifting ice poses significant dangers near streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes.

The agency reports that their watershed experienced lower-than-normal snowfall this winter and warm temperatures in January and February, resulting in early snowmelt. As a consequence, the ground within the watershed remains saturated in many areas. During intense rainfalls, there is an increased risk of runoff occurring in short intervals, contributing to faster-flowing water in local watercourses.

To ensure the safety of residents and pets, Conservation Halton has provided a set of spring safety tips:

Shazia Nazir, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Milton Reporter, Milton Reporter