CBC Manitoba wins 2 national RTDNA awards, shares network prize

CBC Manitoba wins 2 national RTDNA awards, shares network prize

CBC Manitoba brought home some bling from last night's national Radio, Television and Digital News Awards. 

Reporter Nelly Gonzalez won the Dave Rogers Award (best long feature in a small or medium market) for her story "Teen Syrian refugee who survived bombing of her home has long road to recovery in Winnipeg."

Gonzalez's piece, which was shot by videographers Gary Solilak, Trevor Brine, Lyza Sale and Tyson Koschik and edited by Warren Kay and Trevor Brine, focused on the struggle of a 13-year-old refugee who fled to Canada after surviving a bombing in Syria that left her scarred and facing recovery without her parents, who remained in her home country.

Web writer Bryce Hoye won the Digital Media Award (Small or Medium Market) for his piece "Life on the Line," an online piece that looked at how fur trapping has changed over generations and asked whether the practice is stuck in the past or a vital piece of Canada's living heritage.

Steven Silcox did graphics and edited 360 video for the piece, which was produced by Amber Hildebrandt, copy edited by Lara Schroeder and shot and edited by Jaison Empson.

Manitoba reporters Austin Grabish, Karen Pauls and Kelly Malone were among the CBC journalists recognized with the Ron Laidlaw Award for the corporation's digital coverage of asylum seekers coming into Canada.

The three Manitobans are among CBC reporters across Canada who have produced extensive coverage of the issue.

CBC won a total of 51 national RTDNA awards in Toronto on Saturday.