CBC Montreal launches Montreapolis podcast

Whither the beats? Jonathan Emile ponders why rap and hip hop struggle in Anglo Montreal

For Montreal's 375th year, CBC Montreal brings you Montreapolis —  an eight-part podcast series featuring people who are making modern Montreal. 

The series, hosted by journalist Steve Rukavina, presents candid conversations with Montrealers from across the city's ever-evolving landscape, each offering their unique perspective on life in today's Montreal.

From chef Antonio Park's confession of his father's disapproval, to Tracey Deer's reflections on Indigenous belonging and social norms, to André Bouchard's musings on ethical boundaries within the police force, Rukavina delves deep into the lives and experiences of Montrealers who have helped make the city such a fascinating place.

How to listen

You can listen to a new episode of Montreapolis every Monday morning.

Subscribe in iTunes or on your favourite podcast app, listen on the CBC radio app for mobile or head over to cbc.ca/listen.

Go to cbc.ca/montreal to find Steve Rukavina's profiles of each Montrealer featured in the series, which will accompany each podcast. You can also find the links to those stories below.

Episode 1: The Chef

Internationally renowned chef Antonio Park can stand the heat.

After fire ravaged two of his restaurants, the South Korean/South American Montrealer is expanding his culinary empire. But that has a cost.

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Episode 2: The Dreamer

Kahnawake-born filmmaker Tracey Deer brings the raw, funny and rarely explored experiences of women on the rez into the spotlight through her hit TV series, Mohawk Girls. 

Her place in her own community is now uncertain.

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New episodes will be available Mondays at 12:01 a.m. You will also be able to find them below as they become available.