CBC Yukon's playlist for your holidays

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This Christmas we might not be gathering with friends and family like usual, but we still have Christmas music to bring us together.

CBC Yukon staff picked their favourite Christmas songs and collected them here in a playlist to share with you to celebrate the season.

Yukon Legislative reporter Chris Windeyer says he's "not a big Christmas person," but he enjoys Low's Christmas album.

"It gives you that warm at home while it's cold outside feeling that you want from a good Christmas album," he said.

Windeyer's pick is Taking Down the Tree.

Reporter Cheryl Kawaja's favourite Christmas song comes from a TV commercial that is familiar to anyone who grew up in the Maritimes in the 80s and 90s.

Star of Christmas is from the classic Sobey's commercial. It shows classic Christmas scenes, like a school concert, baking cookies and happy grocery store employees.

"I'm also pretty grateful because there were times this year that the only people I saw outside my family bubble were the employees at the grocery store," Kawaja said.

"I really appreciated those outings and saying hi to somebody or just smiling under my mask. I appreciate the work of all those frontline workers, especially this year."

The Sobeys commercial would air during Christmas specials, like Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown. That's why her back up pick of Christmastime is Here is on the playlist.