CBC's trick-or-treat map is back! Tell us if your neighbourhood is a Halloween hot spot

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This year has delivered a lot of scares, but Halloween need not be one of them.

B.C. health officials say Halloween is still a go despite the COVID-19 pandemic, but are asking people to stick to their own neighbourhoods.

Will that change which neighbourhoods dominate for best candy? In 2019, Douglas Park, near Cambie Street and King Edward Avenue in Vancouver, and Trinity Street in East Vancouver, reported the highest numbers of trick-or-treaters.

Could another neighbourhood rise from the undead?

We'll only know if you fill in the form here starting Halloween night.

CBC British Columbia has teamed up with Simon Fraser University's City Program to put together a crowd-sourced map showing British Columbia's Halloween hot spots.

This year, we're also asking respondents to share how they have adapted to the pandemic and there's a new option to upload photos.

Ben Nelms/CBC
Ben Nelms/CBC

Fill in the survey and watch your entry appear on the trick-or-treat map

If your entry doesn't appear right away, make sure you have included the city in the address, or try refreshing the page and zooming in.

On Sunday, we'll be able to tell you where the action was, where the ghost towns were and how many trick-or-treaters migrated out of their home neighbourhood.