CBRM's landfill changes spark small increase in private business

At least one Cape Breton business that deals with garbage is seeing a spike in work as a result of the Nova Scotia state of emergency.

Cape Breton Regional Municipality has closed the landfill to all but municipal and registered commercial users to protect workers and the public from possibly spreading COVID-19.

The municipality has also postponed the annual spring heavy garbage pickup, but removed the limit on black garbage bags residents and businesses can put at the curb.

Paul Dalesandro, owner of Delio's Property Management in Sydney, said some people are finding out the hard way that the dump is closed.

"I've had a few calls yesterday and today, just people that went to the landfill with garbage on their truck and they couldn't get in, so they basically were stuck with it on the back of their vehicle," he said on Wednesday.

"They came to me to see if I can get rid of it, which I can because I have a garbage packer, so we just met up with the vehicle and transferred it from theirs to mine."

Home renos non-essential

Dalesandro said he's not hearing of people stuck at home due to the pandemic who are undertaking or planning home renovations.

"It's possible, but I don't think people will do that now because it's not an essential thing to do," he said.

"They're kind of limiting things to non-essential activities."

Mayor Cecil Clarke said the dump is closed for public and worker safety.

Curbside service remains and a heavy garbage pickup will be held later this spring.

"Only after that point [when] we're through this pandemic will we establish a date and process for heavy garbage pickup," Clarke said.

"We will have one, but putting heavy garbage curbside will not be permitted and also enforcement measures will be put in place with regards to unsightly properties."

Recycling under review

The mayor asked residents to co-operate to allow easy curbside garbage pickup.

Municipal officials are still allowing blue bag recycling, for now, but that is being reviewed, said Clarke.