CC Sabathia rips Tony La Russa over HR controversy: 'He shouldn't be f***ing managing that team'

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Former New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia isn't a fan of Chicago White Sox coach Tony La Russa's managerial style. Sabathia went out on a profane tirade against La Russa on Thursday, saying La Russa "shouldn't be f***ing managing that team."

Sabathia made those NSFW comments on his R2C2 podcast with Ryan Ruocco. Sabathia didn't hold back with the f-bombs as he tore La Russa apart. 

"Tony La Russa is out of touch with the game, cuz. He should not be managing one of the best teams in the American League, period. The fact that Tim Anderson, basically the captain of their team, had to go on Instagram and step up for his teammate like, 'Yeah, the game wasn't over ...' 

"If you're going to put a f***ing position player in there to pitch, guess what? If he's going to lob s*** over the plate, we going to f***ing tee off. Put a 10-run rule up there, cuz. If y'all don't want to see people get embarrassed and you don't want to see position players pitch and people swing on 3-0 counts and all that s***, then make it a 10-run rule so the f***ing game will be over and you don't have these stupid ass unwritten rules.

"And now you've got a rookie that's basically been carrying your f***ing team these last f***ing first six weeks of the season. This guy has been carrying you. And now you don't have a problem with the f***ing weird-ass Minnesota Twins throwing behind one of your biggest hitters? That's just f***ing stupid. It's stupid. Period. I'm sorry. This s*** is terrible. He shouldn't be f***ing managing that team. If you not going to step up and have your players backs, what's the point of being the f***ing manager of the White Sox?"

That, somehow, is only a portion of Sabathia's comments on La Russa. He added a few more comments after Ruocco correctly predicted Sabathia's rant would be the portion of the podcast that would spread on social media once it came out.

Tony La Russa criticizes Yermin Mercedes

La Russa put himself in the spotlight after criticizing White Sox rookie Yermin Mercedes after Mercedes hit a home run off position player Willians Astudillo in a blowout win by the White Sox on Monday. La Russa didn't think it was appropriate for Mercedes to swing, and promised to punish Mercedes for his actions Tuesday. 

During Tuesday's game, the Twins threw behind Mercedes. Following the contest, La Russa said he agreed with that decision. La Russa continued to defend his words Wednesday. White Sox players expressed a much different cadence on social media, however. 

While that divide is concerning, everything else is going great for the White Sox. The team is 26-12 and leading the American League Central. Team chemistry, at least among the players, seems high.

All that could change once the team has its first five-game losing streak. Until then, the White Sox will have to hope winning solves any and all issues in the clubhouse.

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