CC Sabathia sent out the coolest Christmas 'cards'

CC Sabathia sent out the coolest Christmas cards ever. (AP Photo)

Every now and then, we get reminders that baseball players are just like us. They go on vacations, go to the grocery store, cook in their kitchens, they do normal things like everyone does. Baseball players even send out Christmas cards! But New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia didn’t send out Christmas cards that were like anyone else’s. In fact, they weren’t even cards at all.

St. Louis Cardinals center fielder Dexter Fowler was lucky enough to receive one of these Christmas “cards” and posted pictures to Snapchat.

CC Sabathia sent out View-Master Christmas cards. (Snapchat)
CC Sabathia put his family’s Christmas photos on a View-Master reel and send them as his Christmas cards. (Snapchat)

Okay, CC Sabathia is awesome. His family Christmas cards are actually View-Master reels, and it looks like he sent an actual working View-Master with it! For those who may not know, View-Master is a toy that was popular in the 1960s through the 1980s (and even 1990s) that featured a set of plastic binocular-like glasses through which you could view enlarged images on round discs called reels. In short, they’re like VR glasses, only non-electronic and none of the images moved.

Trust us, View-Master was cool, and Sabathia obviously agrees. He had View-Master reels specially made with pictures of him and his family, and sent them out to celebrate the season. If that’s not the coolest Christmas card ever, I’m not sure what is. Plain old paper cards seem incredibly inadequate now.

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