CCCA budget approved at 3% levy increase

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Catfish Creek Conservation Authority board members approved the 2021 budget at $1.71-million, a 3% increase over last year, in a virtual board meeting on Thursday, March 11.

Board members also approved municipal levy apportionments. The approved levy increase for 2021 will be: $2,713 for Aylmer, $2,749 for Central Elgin, $3,864 for Malahide, $390 for Southwest Oxford, and $612 for the St. Thomas.

The total budget amount represents an increase of $238,045 in overall spending, compared to the 2020 expenditures of $1.48-million.

The board also approved the special benefitting levy for Malahide’s 2021 Ice Management Program for $27,968.65, a decrease over last year’s program costs. They also approved a special benefitting levy for the Plan Review for $8,250.

There were three votes in the overall report: a majority vote to approve the overall budget document, a majority vote to approve a matched levy, and a weighted vote to approve a non-matching levy. All board members unanimously voted in favour of each component.

The matched levy is a portion of the total levy where municipal levy is matched by the provincial government, through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). Both pay $41,214.50, or a total of $82,429.

The final weighted vote was for the non-matching levy, which is the portion of the levy where there were no matching funds. This included the non-matched levy of $272,258, a special plan review levy at $8,250, and a special benefitting ice management levy of $27,968.

The biggest budgeted revenue sources for the CCCA this year include the Springwater Conservation Area, for 34.5% ($591,914), municipal general levies at 21.4% ($354,687), and deferred revenue at 20.4% ($349,253).

The highest budgeted CCCA expenditures for 2021 include the Springwater Conservation Area at 36% ($617,318), capital and special projects at 28% ($477,972), flood/erosion control at 15% ($261,316).

Veronica Reiner, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Aylmer Express