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Bobby Moynihan

The former SNL star is obviously a fan of the show given his recent appearance in the house. In just five minutes he delivered more entertaining Diary Room confessionals than any housemate has all season. There is a worry of potential scheduling conflicts with his new CBS show Me, Myself and I but if the time allows it, Bobby in the BB house could be great cross-promotion.

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'Celebrity Big Brother': Our dream cast of celeb BB superfans

Get ready to enter the seventh circle of hell, because the Big Brother house is opening its doors to celebrities. Julie Chen made the announcement during last Thursday’s live eviction episode of Big Brother, revealing that the first ever U.S. edition of Celebrity Big Brother is coming a screen near you this winter.

It’s news which is thrilling and frightening in equal measure depending on how CBS cast the show. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Chen said the network is “being realistic” about the caliber of celebrity they’ll be able to attract: “It’s not going to be all Oscar winners.” Exec producer Rich Meehan also said something which gives me hope: “Maybe there are some celebrity fans of the show that we’ll mix in there.”

And that brings us to our Celebrity Big Brother cast wish list. We want stars who are FUN as opposed to TRASHY, ideally famous folks who are also Big Brother fans or have some sort of connection to the reality series. People that would play the game in the spirit it’s intended. And a few other ground rules for our list:

SEMI-REALISTIC: Although it’s a wish list, I still wanted to keep it somewhat within the realm of possibility. So no Hollywood blockbuster movie stars or Taylor Swift level pop singers.
NO FORMER HOUSEGUESTS: As much as I’d love to see the puppet master Dr. Will Kirby return to the game, this season shouldn’t mix celebs and former houseguests.
NO CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER UK ALUM: There’s an almost endless list of American celebs who have appeared on CBBUK over the years, and I’m sure some of those, like Gary Busey and Tiffany Pollard, would also be excellent on CBBUSA, but for simplicity’s sake, I left them out.

Let us know your picks in the comments.

Celebrity Big Brother will premiere this winter on CBS.