'Celebrity Big Brother' house: First look pictures

Laura Hannam
Take a look inside the Celebrity Big Brother house.

One of the most hyped Celebrity Big Brother season ever is just a day away from starting. While we still have yet to know the official final line-up, we do have a sneak peak into this year’s house.

Surprisingly stylish, 2018’s CBB house appears to have a decidedly tropical theme, with many classy midcentury touches.

The Diary Room

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Diary Room

This year’s diary room entrance is decorated by neon signs that include skulls and this season’s storm theme with lightning. Omens of what is set to come?

The Bathroom

The decadent bathroom is complete with a pink tub.
This year’s CBB bathroom has a large grooming area.

This year’s bathroom is massive and includes plenty of nooks for primping, preening and undoubtedly scheming and gossiping.

The Living Room

Is this the classiest designed Celebrity Big Brother house ever?

The uber-chic living room is incredibly midcentury in its design, with its plush vintage style sofas, accent chairs and coffee tables. We wonder how long it will take for the castmates to wreck havoc on the slick layout…

Party garden

Take a look inside the Celebrity Big Brother house.

This year’s CBB garden could easily compete with the Love Island villa in terms of its obvious party design. With a hot tub, swimming pool, lounge chairs and even an outdoors bar – the producers are clearly aiming for an al fresco party atmosphere.

The kitchen

This year’s kitchen is an Instagram dream.

There’s almost always arguments in the CBB house over cooking and cleaning up duties. But at least in this year’s house the contestants will be able to bicker in an opulent surrounding. With marble tops, chequered tiling and hanging plants, this looks like the poshest Celebrity Big Brother kitchen we’ve ever seen.

The bedroom

Take a look inside the Celebrity Big Brother house.

As per usual there will be minimal privacy in the house, and the housemates will be forced share one giant bedroom. And from the looks of things, several housemates will need to share beds as well.

Celebrity Big Brother starts Thursday August 16 at 9pm on Channel 5.

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