Celebrity MasterChef eliminates another contestant in latest quarter final

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Celeb MasterChef loses another contestantBBC

Celebrity MasterChef spoilers follow.

Celebrity MasterChef saw four celebrities battle for a place in the quarter-finals tonight (August 23), with a trio of tough challenges for them to undertake.

Emmerdale's Amy Walsh and Michael Praed, the Black Eyed Peas' Apl.de.ap and Love Island's Luca Bish sweated it out throughout the episode. But while they all rose to the occasion, Michael struggled the most and was eliminated.

What exactly went wrong for him? Well, things didn't get off to a great start with the first task, the classic Pairs challenge.

celebrity masterchef 2023, left to right, apl de ap, michael praed, amy walsh, luca bish walking outside

Teaming up, the celebs had to cook the same dish, but only one of each pair — Amy and Luca versus Michael and Apl — had the instructions and would need to take charge.

Amy and Luca had to make an eggs benedict and rosti-based dish, which Amy said worked well, as Luca was extremely chill and didn't know what a rosti was. Michael and Apl had to make Japanese soufflé pancakes — and although Michael was supposed to be the leader, he asked more questions than answered.

Unsurprisingly, Amy and Luca did the best, with Gregg Wallace stating that they may have made the best-looking and most visually similar dishes in any Pairs challenge — and that the dishes tasted really good, too.

Michael and Luca were similar in that they both burned their pancakes, but they did okay overall.

celebrity masterchef michael praed, white hair, glasses, beard, looking a little bit glum in the kitchen

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The celebs were then sent to work at professional restaurants, with Amy and Apl going to Sri Lankan eatery Hoppers. Amy had to make the restaurant's titular dish, alongside dips known as sambal, while Apl had to make kottu roti, a curried dish with finely chopped ingredients.

Michael and Luca went to open-fire restaurant Temper, with the former working on the signature cheeseburger taco and the latter having to make a mussels and green curry sauce dish.

The intensely fast-paced nature of Temper (not to mention the heat) was a struggle for Michael and Luca at first, while Amy and Apl took a few tries to get their hands around the technicality of their dishes at Hoppers. With the professionals by their sides, however, they all managed to stick the landing.

Finally, back in the MasterChef kitchen, John Torode told them to create a dish they would serve in a food truck.

celebrity masterchef 2023 left to right, john torode , black check shirt, gregg wallace, grey fleece

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While Amy went for Karaage chicken and salt and pepper chips (her idea of a hangover cure), Michael opted for a plant-based Thai red curry. Apl wanted to honour his Filipino culture with Afritada (chicken in tomato sauce turned into meatball sliders), and Luca went for a fried seafood mix in a cone.

John and Gregg praised Amy and Apl's dishes, especially Apl's flavours and how well he cooked tough ingredients. Michael's food was too sweet and dusty for the judges' liking, while Luca's needed to dry off and be a bit less greasy.

"I'm disappointed by it is what it is," Michael said after his elimination. "I will look back on MasterChef with great fondness."

Next time, the remaining trio will be cut down to two after cooking for guests including EastEnders-actor-turned-Celebrity MasterChef-winner John Partridge. Who will be competing against the other two semi-finalists?

The next episode of Celebrity MasterChef will air on Friday (August 25) at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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