Central Cee's Front Row Appearance At Paris Fashion Week Stole The Show For This 1 Baffling Reason

Central Cee on stage at Leeds Festival last year
Central Cee on stage at Leeds Festival last year Matthew Baker via Getty Images

Chart-topping rapper Central Cee got the best seat in the house next to Sabrina Carpenter at the Louis Vuitton Fashion Week show on Tuesday, but that’s not the reason his appearance at the event has got people talking.

The British musician and Espresso singer sat side by side at the high fashion spring/summer 2025 event in Paris, where they were spotted posing for photos together at the outdoor show.

But one video clip has been doing the rounds online that ends with a truly random reveal, in which Central Cee whips out his Nintendo DS and proceeds to bury his head in a video game.

The interaction unsurprisingly left social media users bewildered and amused, especially as another clip revealed that the Nonsense singer even gave it a go herself.

“Central Cee watching Sabrina Carpenter play the Nintendo DS at the LV show is the most random sight to see but coolest at the same time,” one X (formerly Twitter) user said.

“He’s so real for this,” another shared. “Central Cee the epitome of that one cousin who’s forced to take pictures at a family gathering,” a third joked.

Some fans also noted a certain lyric in Sabrina’s signature hit Espresso had never been more relevant.

It’s also worth pointing out that the pair were seated next to Eurovision favourite Mahmood, who finished in second place back in 2019.

Another video from the fashion show also shows the moment Sabrina first introduced herself with a hug and even insisted that “Barry said I said to say hi to you”, name-dropping her rumoured boyfriend Barry Keoghan.

That’s not the only fashion week moment that’s caused a stir online this week, after Paul Mescal attended Milan Fashion Week in a pair of his signature short shorts.

In what came as a surprise to absolutely no one, the internet lost it at yet another leggy outing from the Normal People star.