Central Newfoundland feels the heat, and there's hope for rest of province, too

Garrett Barry/CBC

Central Newfoundland is getting any early glimpse of the hot weather to come, and on Wednesday reaped the benefits.

Carter Ings, 10, was enjoying the day at the Gander splash pad.

"It's a really hot day out today and I just wanted to go have fun in the water," said Carter, adding swimming is one of his favourite activities to beat the summer heat.

"It hasn't really felt like summer up to this point, but hopefully this will be a turning point and we'll get a few days like this. Hopefully the rest of the summer will be like this," said Carter's father, Jamie.  

Garrett Barry/CBC

Wednesday's rising temperatures even gave a boost to business in the town.

Sales of slushies and cold snacks are booming at a Gander food stand operated by Broadening Horizons, a program that provides services and employment to adults with intellectual disabilities.  

"Hotdogs are a good seller here too. Today we have chili and garlic bread for anyone. We always do a lunch for concerts in the park," said Kim Murphy, program manager.

"So we have clients who work here at the canteen as well, and they love it here because they get to talk to people."

Garrett Barry/CBC

The summer suffering might be over for Newfoundland and Labrador, according to a meteorologist with Environment Canada's Gander weather office.

After a long stretch of below-average temperatures, the province will finally heat up into late July and early August, said meteorologist David Neil.

Neil said the further the forecast looks into the future, the more things can change, but for now the temperatures are looking good.

So far, so good

While the Newfoundland weather can be tough to call, Neil said the heat is definitely on the way.

"That's what our model guide currently indicates. Now, once you get quite far out, late Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4, you kind of have to take that with a grain of salt," Neil told CBC Radio's St. John's Morning Show

But even with temperatures are on the rise, the island portion of the province still won't escape at least a little bit of rain. 

Neil said he expects some rain showers on Wednesday night into Thursday, bringing with them cooler days. 

"But then after that it should kind of switch around again, in the longer ranger and we should see some higher, more summerlike temperatures come in," he said. 

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