Centre For Newcomers celebrates diversity at second annual fundraiser

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Centre For Newcomers celebrates diversity at second annual fundraiser

Celebrating diversity and community was A Laughing Matter at the Centre For Newcomers (CFN) in Calgary over the weekend.

CFN held its second annual fundraiser Saturday night, featuring stand up comedy by Noori Kidwai and music by The Rueben Kincaids.

And while the evening was a lighthearted one, making sure everyone feels welcome in a community is something that should be taken seriously, said Mayor Naheed Nenshi, who also spoke at the event.

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"The Centre for Newcomers in particular is a great organization that really does yeoman's work in reaching out to vulnerable populations, not just new Canadians but even other vulnerable populations and helping them really integrate into the community," he told CBC News. "It's really important work."

Even though he earned the 2014 World Mayor Prize and enjoys strong popularity across the city and country, Nenshi said he considers his to be "a typical first-generation Canadian story."

"Growing up [in northeast Calgary] sometimes we were poor, sometimes we were very poor, but we lived in a society, in a community, that had a stake in my success," he told CBC News.

"I graduated from great public schools, went to the public library, I learned to swim in a public pool just a couple blocks away from here — these things really matter. While my story may be extraordinary in the particular job I ended up in, it's actually a very ordinary story, it's a very ordinary story of welcoming in our community and that's what I really try to highlight to people, is we need to replicate the story of little Naheed everywhere we go."