Centre Wellington's final budget sees a 2.16 per cent increase in property taxes

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CENTRE WELLINGTON - Council passes the 2022 budget with an approved tax rate increase of 2.16 per cent.

At Monday’s last 2021 council meeting, council approved the tax rate increase of 2.16 per cent which translates to an increase of $27 on the annual tax bill for the average residential property assessed at $381,095.

The county portion of the taxes will be finalized in January.

The overall budget for 2022, which includes tax supported operating budget, water supported operating budget, wastewater supported operating budgets and combined capital budget, is $64.9 million. Last year, it was $56.4 million.

The user fees and charges for 2022 have increased by 2.4 per cent.

Key investment priorities of the 2022 budget:

- An approved policy that allocates five per cent of OLG funds received in 2021 to an arts culture and heritage reserve fund. It is anticipated that up to $61,000 will be available for the council to allocate.

- Allocate $80,000 to support education initiatives and actions in 2022 regarding diversity, equity & inclusivity, and indigenous reconciliation.

- Replacement of the bridge 24 WG which is located at First Line

- Full reconstruction of St. George Street East from Herrick Street to Gartshore Street

- Full reconstruction of Moir Street from Geddes Street to Princess Street

- Paving of Eighth Line East from Wellington Road 21 to Sideroad 10

- Final design and construction commencement for the corporate operations facility

- Budgeted an additional $140,000 toward the termite management program, for a combined amount of $200,000 available in 2022

In a press release sent out by the township, council is investing in arts, culture and heritage, diversity, equity and inclusion to better reflect the community’s diversity and address needs. Additionally, a continuation in the long-term plan for sustainably funding the needs of roads, bridges, and transportation infrastructure.

Councillors Bob Foster and Stephen Kitras were opposed, everyone else were in favour of the 2022 budget.

Angelica Babiera, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, GuelphToday.com

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