Ceremonial proclamations usually pass unanimously. Not this one in Tarrant County

On Tuesday, Tarrant County Commissioner Alisa Simmons made a motion to honor the outgoing Tarrant County criminal courts administrator Gregory Shugart, who lives in her precinct. It narrowly passed.

The motion passed 3-2, with the court’s Democrats Simmons and Roy Brooks voting in favor, joined by their cross-aisle colleague Gary Fickes.

Without comment, Republicans Manny Ramirez and County Judge Tim O’Hare voted against the motion.

“There are differing viewpoints on the most effective structure for our Criminal Courts. I encourage Judge O’Hare and Commissioner Ramirez to visit the courts and learn about the best practices with the Criminal Judiciary,” Shugart told the Star-Telegram over text on Tuesday after he left the meeting.

Just as rare as the bipartisan vote is a ceremonial proclamation not passing unanimously, like all the others did on Tuesday.

Shugart’s departure comes two months after commissioners voted in April to consider a proposal to reorganize the administration of the criminal courts.

“It was an honor to represent their branch of government, to make sure that everything was is in place. I wish the judges and this county all the best moving forward,” Shugart said.

Shugart spent 22 years with Tarrant County, beginning as a business manager for former Criminal District Attorney Tim Curry in 2002. He spent the last 12 as the criminal courts administrator.

Shugart previously said he decided to step down because he believed it to be the best path forward for him and the 21 elected Republican judges.

Shugart said his job required him to provide the tools, supplies and resources the judges need to operate an efficient court system. His resignation was finalized on Tuesday.

Tarrant County District Court George Gallagher, whose term ends at the end of the year, thanked Shugart for his work and encouraged a collaborative effort between the county and judges.

“I hope this body continues to recognize the work that is put into place. it’s going to continue to be necessary to work together. And I hope that we can all go forward,” Gallagher said.