CFL prospects compete for 'dream' job at Regina combine

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CFL prospects compete for 'dream' job at Regina combine

It's the highlight of CFL week in Regina, and the event it was built around in the first place.

The national combine is the equivalent of a job interview for athletes who dream of a professional football career.

General managers, coaches and scouts from every CFL team are in Regina for the test of strength and skill, which puts athletes through a series of drills.

High-pressure event

As a top draft prospect, Mason Woods was well aware of the pressure felt by players during the combine.

"It's kind of like a whole lifelong dream coming to fruition, kind of thing," he said. 

"A lot of guys dream about this, since they were little kids."

He said the players were also interviewed to assess their character.

Have they got the goods?

Regina Rams receiver Mitch Picton is one of the best university players in Canada, but scouts will be looking to see if he has the goods to take it to the next level.

Picton will only get to prove it if a team gives him a chance on draft day. That decision could depend on what he does during the combine.

"This is a job interview and this could affect your entire career so it has to be done to the best of your abilities," said Picton.

The combine program started Friday and continues on Saturday.

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