CGC announces land acquisition for wallboard manufacturing plant

CGC Inc. announced the acquisition of the land which will be occupied by their wallboard manufacturing plant, Feb. 20 within Wheatland County.

The project was announced in July 2022, to be developed in Wheatland County, backed by a $210 million investment.

In addition to the land acquisition, CGC has announced Ledcor to be the contractor for construction of the plant, which anticipates creating 200 local jobs throughout the process; as well as having hired Duane Van Duuren as its plant manager.

“Our manufacturing site is going to be located on about 214 acres of land near Carseland, near Township Road 222. The site will contain about 220,000 square feet of facility and a solar field producing in the range of 15 megawatts,” said Van Duuren. “The solar field will be more than enough to support our energy needs with clean power, and so this is really exciting for our company. We know we want to bring the best products to Western Canada, to our customers in Western Canada, and we want to be a great community member both socially and environmentally.”

Van Duuren is assuming his role as plant manager of the Wheatland County facility with 25 years of experience working for CGC and its parent company, USG.

He added he is excited to be showcasing a commitment to being a leader in the community, as well as to provide safe, reliable, meaningful career opportunities.

“Once we are fully operational, our manufacturing site will employ about 100 full-time employees,” Van Duuren said. “We certainly want to connect with the community and so, being in the location that we are, we are right in a great area of great communities around us so we are looking to attract some of the top talent to come in and be part of CGC.”

A date for official groundbreaking, as well as for the start of the building process is yet to be announced by CGC.

Van Duuren explained the organization is currently finalizing the design of the facility, as well as being in the last stages of securing the appropriate development permits necessary for construction.

“Once we are done that, then we will be excited to announce what our next steps are and when we will actually make the groundbreaking happen,” he said. “I am excited to see shovels in the ground and there certainly will be clear communication provided when we are ready to do so.”

More information regarding the project is available through the CGC website.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times