Challenging The Cringe Quotient: Rachel Koshy, The Birth Photographer Who Is Normalizing Labor Pain

The room is dimly lit and the emotions are palpable. The husband holds his wife’s hand tightly, one of the support staff wipes the sweat off the woman’s forehead while someone else encourages her to push just one more time. This rite of passage is just a routine day. at the natural birthing center in Kochi.

And, capturing this process at its rawest is Rachel Koshy, a birth photographer, at the BirthVillage Natural Birthing Centre.

Her own birthing experience when she had her second child is what prompted Rachel Koshy to become a birth photographer. The challenge lies in convincing would-be-parents to let me in on their private moment, says Rachel Koshy. In a country where breastfeeding in public is considered a taboo, birth photography is not just met with raised eyebrows but with a lot of contempt.

This World Photography Day, watch the video to see how birth photographer Rachel Koshy is celebrating the strength of a mother and normalizing labor pain.

(Interviewed and video produced by Manasi Phadnis; video edited by Dhruv Sharma)

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