Changes to clam licences may affect future eligibility

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Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) announced, on Dec. 21, changes to some commercial and Aboriginal fishing licences, which may affect the future eligibility of licence holders.

Licence renewals have been pushed back for Aboriginal Commercial Intertidal Clam by hand digging and Commercial Intertidal Clam to Feb. 28 from Dec. 31 the 2022/23 fishing season.

License-holders should not ignore renewing their documents, even if they do not plan to harvest clams next year, as they may want to harvest at a later date.

“Renewal of commercial Clam (Category Z2) licence eligibility and payment of the licence renewal fee must be done on an annual basis to retain the privilege to be issued the licence in the future,” the DFO stated.

“Category Z2 licence eligibilities not renewed by February 28, 2023, will cease and licence issuance requests will be unable to be considered in future.”

The annual renewal fees have been adjusted for inflation as determined by the Consumer Price Index, in accordance with the Service Fees Act. The price is set as $31.27 for Commercial Intertidal Clam licenses and there is no charge for Indigenous licenses, the DFO stated.

Eligible commercial clam licence-holders who do not wish to reapply for their documentation may indicate so, but they can nominate another person for the license by completing a Nomination for Category Z Licence Eligibility form. The previous holder may nominate a person to the Minster for consideration. Nomination forms are available from the Pacific Fishery Licence Unit or online.

The DFO reminds all harvesters all renewals and payments use the National Online Licensing System to view, pay and print commercial fishing licences, conditions of licence or receipts.

Norman Galimski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Prince Rupert Northern View

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