Changes made to municipalities regulations

REGINA — Changes have recently been made to Saskatchewan’s municipalities, cities and northern municipalities regulations.

A centralized board of revision with the duties of a local board of revision when chosen or required has been added. These new regulations mandate the use of the centralized board of revision as a last resort only, for municipalities unable or unwilling to appoint their own certified board when the assessment roll is open. These boards are used to resolve any disputes between municipalities and home- and landowners with the assessment of their properties. In some cases, errors in the roll are found and can be easily corrected. Other times, disagreements can occur and a separate board is called upon to handle these disagreements.

According to the Assessment Registrar, ADR Institute will serve as a centralized board of revision. ADR is a non-profit independent organization. ADR’s board of revision members are professional arbitrators who contribute their experience and knowledge to ensure a high quality and fair appeal service is available across the province to all municipalities and rural municipalities.

Other amendments were the ability to email documents. This was intended to improve the speed in making the process easier for property owners submitting their appeals.

Municipalities still have the autonomy to appoint their own local board, join or form a district board with their neighbouring municipalities, use a private sector provider or use the centralized board. All boards must be certified to hear property assessment appeals starting in the 2023 taxation year.

The regulation amendments as published by the Saskatchewan Gazette can be found at:

Nicole Goldsworthy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal