Channel 5 cuts episode of 'The Dog Rescuers With Alan Davies' over man's tattoo

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The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies features pooches in need like this one (Channel 5)
'The Dog Rescuers With Alan Davies' features pooches in need like this one. (Channel 5)

Channel 5 has pulled an episode of The Dog Rescuers With Alan Davies because it featured a man who had what appeared to be a neo-Nazi tattoo.

The instalment of the series about rescue dogs first aired in 2019, but according to Vice has popped up again since.

In the episode, a man seeking advice about his dog appears to have an inking of a “sonnerad” or “Black Sun” - which has been used as a Nazi symbol – on his neck.

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A Channel 5 spokesperson told Yahoo: “We film dozens of dog owners over many series – some are case studies that we follow over a period of time and others, like the contributor in question, drop into the animal hospital with their pets. 

"We had not been aware that this particular tattoo might be deemed offensive and as a result of the information we have taken down the episode and will not be repeating it until edits have been made.”

A generic images from The Dog Rescuers With Alan Davies (Channel 5)
'The Dog Rescuers With Alan Davies' started in 2013. (Channel 5)

The Dog Rescuers With Alan Davies started in 2013 and ran for several series.

It’s not the first time that a show has been pulled because of somebody’s tattoos.

Last year TV carpentry contest The Chop: Britain’s Top Woodworker was pulled after a contestant was accused of having Nazi symbols tattooed on his face. 

The man denied having any far right leanings but Sky History decided to can the show.

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