Chaotic broadcast video shows the moment players and fans scramble for safety during a shooting at a high school football game

  • One person is dead after a shooting at an Oklahoma high school football game.

  • Broadcast footage from the game shows the chaotic moment that shots rang out live on air.

  • Hundreds of people can be seen scrambling to safety to avoid gunfire.

A high school shooting in Oklahoma left one person dead and at least four others injured on Aug. 25. A chaotic broadcast video from the game shows hundreds of people rushing to find safety while confused announcers watch.

The shooting started during the third quarter of a game between Choctaw High School and Del City High School on the visitor side of the stadium after an argument between two men, according to the Choctaw Police Department.

Police said in a news release that a total of three people were shot during the game. One 16-year-old boy, who was not a student at either school, died, according to police.

Choctaw police said that two other people, a 42-year-old man and a "young female" were also shot, but are both in stable condition.

Two other girls who police "believe to be students" were also injured in the chaos that followed, according to police. One girl broke her wrist and the other broke her leg, police said.

Broadcast footage of the shooting obtained by local ABC affiliate WFAA shows hundreds of people running in fear and throwing themselves to the ground to avoid gunfire as shots ring out.

"What's happening?" one announcer asks as hoards of people begin scrambling in different directions.

After both football teams hurry off the field, the video shows at least seven people remaining on the field and lying flat to avoid gunfire.

"People are down on the field," one announcer says shortly before the overhead PA announcer can be heard on the video telling everyone in the stadium to "get down."

Choctaw police are still looking for the suspect in the shooting. Police said in a release that they "received a description" of a "man wearing red sweatpants" who is a person of interest.

Police said in the release that one Del City police officer discharged his gun during the incident and that the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office will lead an investigation into the "officer-involved shooting." It's unclear if the police officer hit anyone when they fired the weapon.

The Del City Police Department said in a news release that two off-duty Del City officers were working as security guards at the game, and one of those officers "discharged their service weapon."

The Oklahoma County Sheriff and the Del City and Choctaw Police Departments did not immediately return Insider's request for comment.

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