Chargers Running Back Austin Ekeler is back on Yahoo Sports for Season 2 of the award-winning Ekeler’s Edge

Yahoo Sports’ Fantasy Expert Matt Harmon joins the Chargers do-it-all running back for another year of the award-winning show. This season is going to be bigger and better than ever Another new feature this season, will give fantasy managers the opportunity to ask Austin a question on the show. Another new feature this season, will give fantasy managers the opportunity to ask Austin a question on the show. thanks to the addition of a weekly podcast. New episodes will drop every Wednesday during the NFL regular season as part of Yahoo’s acclaimed daily series, the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast. Listen wherever you get podcasts. Another new feature this season, will give fantasy managers the opportunity to ask Austin a question on the show. Simply email your question to

Video Transcript



- We have one hell of an announcement for you. Joining me today and every Wednesday throughout the NFL season is Los Angeles Chargers running back, Austin Ekeler. Austin.

- Yo.

- What's up, buddy?

- We're running it back, man. "Ekeler's Edge."


- "Ekeler's Edge" is back, the show that everyone loved last year is now a full on podcast. I mean, Austin, you have to put up with me and talk to me for an hour every week during the season.

- I'll reciprocate that. You have to put up with me and my energy, whether I win or lose, I'm in a good or a bad mood. So you should be ready for that. All I ask, and the same thing I ask for my teammates. Hey, we have good energy, definitely going to be bringing that. And let's try to stay consistent, let's try to make it fun, right? That's why we're here, that's what we're to do. So that's what we're going to bring to you, looking forward to it, and glad to have you, man.

- Yeah. Exactly. I'm glad to have you. So in addition to being a video show like this was last year, it's going to be a part of the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, our podcast feed every single week, every Wednesday. It's going to be awesome. It's going to be electric. One of the big things we want to do this year, Austin, is we want to engage more with the listeners and viewers. I don't think really anybody wants to send me a question. Matt, what are you having for dinner on Thursday? Nobody cares about that. But people definitely want to hear from you.

So as such starting right now, we are accepting emails to Send us your questions, your comments, if you want to write them out, go for it. But an audio or video recording where Austin will respond to it, that's actually going to get your voice on the podcast. So definitely jump on that.

- I love that. You're speaking my language. Like, when it comes to me and one thing that I'm really passionate about is the community. So when we can incorporate people from the community and a lot of people have me on their fantasy team, so bringing those two together and being able to feel like you have actually some type of input into the show is music to my ears. The same thing I do with my streams. And you stand corrected when you said no one was going to have a question for you because I know several people are going to ask you how long it takes you to drink this whole thing every day. Look at that. Wow.

- For the podcast folks at home, yeah, what Austin is referring to is my giant-- I won't say the name of the brand because if they're not sponsoring the show, we're not going to say it. But it's a giant, I mean--

- Barrel.

- You can hear it.

- It is a barrel.

- It is a metal water bottle.

- So you might get a lot of questions about that.

- You've asked me a question about it. Everybody else in the room here has already asked questions about it. But it's a conversation point. So on that note, again, Let's make those personal connections. I literally cannot wait to see what people send in here.

- Yes. Please. Whatever you got questions about, picks, whether it's fantasy, whether it's about anything.

- Anything.

- Bring them in. As long as it's serious and you can justify it. If it's not something that we can obviously talk, maybe it's not about fantasy football. But justify why you're trying to ask the question. Give us help, better help you actually get chosen for the questions.

- I mean, you're a layered guy. There's a lot that they can find out about you.

- A lot of layers.

- Again, it's a rare opportunity, man, that people are going to have here on this show.