Charges dropped against woman who ripped up flower beds in downtown Yellowknife

A woman who was charged this summer after ripping flowers out of planters in downtown Yellowknife is no longer being prosecuted.

The 34-year-old woman was charged on Aug. 15, three weeks after the lavender-coloured blooms were strewn across the sidewalk in front of Royal Bank on Franklin Avenue.

At the time, Royal Bank community manager Yanick D'Aigle lamented the damage, but pointed out the bright side.

"The good thing is that flowers will regrow," he said in July, confirming the bank was planning to replant them.

The Crown dropped a mischief charge against the woman three weeks ago.

The case has been referred to a community justice committee, which deals with people accused of less serious criminal charges.

In order to be referred to the community justice committee, the accused must accept responsibility for the crime they're accused of.

The committee can order those who are referred to make reparations, do community service, or take other steps to address the offence they committed.