Charges laid in Chip Shack lobster theft

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The Chip Shack remains open for business. (Kirk Pennell/CBC - image credit)
The Chip Shack remains open for business. (Kirk Pennell/CBC - image credit)

Charlottetown police have laid charges in connection with the theft of lobster from Chip Shack, a small takeout on the waterfront.

In a news release, police said they arrested a 41-year-old Charlottetown man Thursday morning. He has been charged with break and enter and breach of probation.

Chip Shack owner Caron Prins said the lobster was taken Wednesday morning while she was next door to the shop. Police said at the time they had a suspect.

About $1,000 worth of lobster meat was stolen, and it was not recovered. Prins said Thursday that is a bigger problem for her, finding the cash to replace that meat so she can get back to serving lobster rolls.

But a friend stepped up and started selling gift certificates to the Chip Shack, raising $200 already, crucial capital for replacing the lobster. Others are helping as well.

"A gentleman just came down and gave me all his rolled change … My buns people, Buns and Things, they said it was on the house today. It's just those little beautiful moments that outweigh the actual act, a billion per cent," said Prins.

"I've had an amazing flow of love from locals and people that don't even know me. It was pretty powerful."

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