Charity run lands Alberta man criminal charge in Quebec

An Alberta man running across Canada for charity spent five hours in an interrogation room and was charged with obstructing police after he used one of the country's busiest thoroughfares as part of his route.

Curtis Hargrove said he was arrested on the Trans-Canada Highway near Quebec City after he was pulled over, along with the RV accompanying him on his trip, by Quebec provincial police Monday afternoon.

"Vehicles could drive by in the two lanes. The motorhome's well out of the way, and, you know, I feel like there wasn't anything impeding traffic or anything," Hargrove told CBC News Tuesday.

Still, police pulled him over near St- Nicolas, Que., and insisted he get off the roadway.

At first, Hargrove admits, he was frustrated and stubborn and questioned why he had to change his route.

That landed him in an interrogation room and later netted him a criminal charge. The woman driving the RV accompanying Hargrove was also issued a traffic ticket.

Quebec provincial police wouldn't comment on the incident other than to say Hargrove refused to co-operate with the officers who stopped him.

Hargrove is trying to raise $1 million for the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation in Edmonton. His run started 45 days ago in Halifax.

Hargrove now says he's agreed to take a different route as he continues west through Quebec.