Charlize Theron Hilariously Loses It While Talking About Her Pet Goat

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Charlize Theron wasn’t kid-ding around about her love for her childhood pet goat. She told Seth Meyers on Late Night that growing up in South Africa, she had a pet goat creatively named “Bok” — which is the Afrikaans word for goat.

Seth Meyers joked, “Did you have a long list? Did you whittle it down to Bok? Was Bok confused when other people were just calling for their goat?”

Theron explained that Bok was very mischievous, jumping on her bed, climbing on the counters, and even eating some of her clothes. After she said that goats are very loyal, the audience laughed at how a loyal animal could eat its owner’s clothing.

She jokingly chided the audience for laughing, exclaiming, “This is actually me sharing a piece of my heart. …  I didn’t have any siblings!”

Meyers quipped, “And if you had, their names would have been ‘Sister’ or ‘Brother.'”

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