Charlotte County taxi, car-share continues winter service

Charlotte County's transport services will continue in winter after witnessing good results so far in 2022.

Lawrence Wilson, founder of Wilson Taxi Service, which began as a one-man show on April, 19, 2021 said he is currently seeing "more business in one week than he did in three months last year."

He said that last year he would receive a call or two per day throughout the week, with minimal advertising, according to the Telegraph-Journal archives.

Wilson said he had to stop working from June to August due to medical reasons and after his return, he put the service on pause again in October due to the end of tourism season and high gas prices.

Being back on the roads on Oct. 14, 2022, Wilson says the business has been "unbelievably good," he has added a food delivery option and currently offers a taxi and delivery service in the Saint Andrews and St. Stephen areas, as the communities are close to each other.

"I'll also start serving, probably very soon, the Grand Manan ferry," Wilson said.

Wilson already has four drivers waiting to join him, and he said he is aiming to get a couple of new cars in "four to six weeks."

Wilson said he wants to add more cars in the future to expand his services even further, but is currently working as "a one-man show," until the cars arrive. He also mentioned that people can book him using the "TaxiCaller App," through the Play Store or App Store and "a debit on delivery option including all fancy cards and Apple Pay," is available for food deliveries.

"I'll be doing winter this year," he said adding that, due to the high volume of calls, "I am trying to keep my head above the water."

Briana Cowie, the executive director of Eastern Charlotte Waterways, said their Project: Village car share program, has been getting a good response since it began in September, and they have their snow tires on for the upcoming winters.

She said the service is majorly used by the Multicultural Association of Charlotte County and the residents, but the organization is working towards getting businesses in the area to use the vehicle for their operations. Cowie also said that there are ongoing conversations about doing a pilot project on Grand Manan Island, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Project: Village currently has two electric vehicles, one in Saint Andrews and the other being in St. Stephen, she confirmed, saying that they will soon be looking into expanding their services to other communities.

Cowie said she was happy to know that staff from the Multicultural Association of Charlotte County drove a newcomer to his driver's license test, where he could give his road test and benefit from their service. However, she noted, to use the car, one requires a Class 5 license and the newcomer could not have done it without the staff's assistance.

She also said that their cars were used in "The Amazing Race event."

"It's slowly gaining traction," she said, adding that the Project: Village team is continuing to promote its services.

-With files from Marlo Glass

Rhythm Rathi, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Telegraph-Journal