Charlottetown Coun. Eddie Rice told to stay away from Holland College

Charlottetown Coun. Eddie Rice told to stay away from Holland College

Charlottetown Coun. Eddie Rice has been told to stay away from Holland College's Prince of Wales campus in Charlottetown.

In a statement, the college said there was an incident involving Rice and a college employee on July 13. The college said the notification to stay away was given to Rice by city police at the request of the college.

Charlottetown police said they were informed about a verbal dispute and later delivered the college's letter to Rice.

Police told CBC News the notification was not filed through the courts. 

Rice told CBC he received the notification, but wouldn't comment on its contents or confirm the nature of the dispute.

Rice said he doesn't know why the college has told him to stay away. "I went in, said my say and left the building," said Rice. 

"I really don't know what their thinking is," he added. 

Rice did say that earlier this year he had asked questions, on behalf of his constituents, about how the college handled the construction of a new student residence, which displaced some residents in the area. 

"I'm not saying what it has to do with, I'm just saying I questioned the whole Holland College thing with Bassett's corner and the procedures used," said Rice. "The people called me. They're my constituents and I was concerned and I expressed my concern directly to the college … So I had discussions with Holland College on that." 

'An institution that has to be supported'

Rice also added he has always backed the college and remains supportive of it, and said he helped arrange about a million dollars in donations to the school in the past.

"Still support Holland College. It's a great addition to Charlottetown. And their own personal feelings towards me or me towards them is not an issue. It's an institution that has to be supported," said Rice. 

Holland College would not confirm the nature of the dispute.

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