Charlottetown council considering time limits for speakers at some city meetings

Charlottetown city council is considering limiting how long councillors have to ask questions during regular council meetings, and how long residents can speak during public consultation meetings.

A motion to amend the procedural bylaw was tabled at Tuesday's council meeting after what Coun. Terry MacLeod called a "healthy debate" at the council advisory committee.

"Some councillors felt that we need to speed it up a little bit and some people want to drag it out longer than it needs to be," said MacLeod, who chairs the committee.

"Some felt that the general public wouldn't feel like they were getting their chance to say, but some of the other councillor were saying, well if you had a time limit it would be enough time for everybody to have a say." he said.

The motion will be discussed further at December's council meeting.

Details to come

Natalia Goodwin/CBC
Natalia Goodwin/CBC

MacLeod said many other municipalities have something similar in place.

"It's important that you keep the meetings moving," he said. "You don't want it to get stale and again it gives the mayor some meat on the say, 'Hey, ok, that's enough of that let's move on.'"

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